Backstreet Boys in India….!!

finally, BSB is coming to India for a concert…

who doesn’t know them? i have been a boy-band fan all my teenage life…i still remember those days when i used to spend hours on my Walkman listening to Backstreet boys, Westlife and Britney spears… i even had their pictures on the walls of my room… yeah, i was just another teenager in love with pop music..

i remember how i used to wait for the video of “i want it that way” to come on MTV… the only reason i loved that video was, becoz its the only BSB video where Kevin Richardson is looking his best.. i used for wait for that video so that i can just sit n look into green blue eyes 😉

i may not be a teenager anymore and i may not be their biggest fan anymore, but that wont stop me from dedicating a blog to them…after all they are visiting my land..yippee!!

given below are some of the top 10 songs of BSB…which according to me are their top 10 best songs ever..anyone who disagrees…  Hey this is my blog i can rate their songs just the way i want…!!!

1- I want it that way

of course, i cannot write about their top 10 best songs without mentioning my favorite one..  BSB walking together as they enter an airport, fans screaming for them with posters like “Kisses for Kevin” ..Gosh! it was so neat and wow..

2- Show me the meaning

this is a sad song, but we all need sad songs…they are like the third most important thing one needs in a bad mood (first and second being mom and a friend).

3- Backstreet back

okay! this was the typical teen song that used to make me go crazier about them..only thing that was left was me standing in one of their concerts shouting BSB ILOVEYOU…  there are many other things that i never did, but i surely did wanted to get married to Kevin..

the ghosts, the scary and creepy makeup, song background and the music… wasn’t it a lovely song to dance on..

i believe Kevin is looking like a parrot …painted red green blue..eeewe.. 😉

4- Shape of my heart

a blue themed music video with soft melody … but i wonder what happened to Kevin.. Nick is looking cute here..

5- more than that

Kevin and his hat..OMG!! he looks like a Mexican Cowboy

this is the video where BSB are driving south amid dust and heat..

6- Incomplete

this song and the album name mourns the demise of Kevin’s father…sad…poor Kevin on the piano..

for a change Howie is looking good with short hair..

7- Drowning

AJ has weird hair color, Kevin is looking not Kevin and Howie is looking how he looks when you cut his hair short…

but the song is goooood..!!

is it me..or is Howie really looking like Uday Chopra.? 😉

8- Spanish eyes

Here we are in the arms of one another

n we still

go on searching each other…!…

Who doesn’t like this song..

9-The one

I’ll be the one
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I’ll be the light
When you feel like there’s nowhere to run
I’ll be the one…

10- Just want you to know

it is from the album Never Gone ..

And the song even reached among top ten singles in UK.

Remembering my hospital adventure…

15th feb 2008 was the day when I was hospitalized for grade E acute pancreatitis… although it was fun to see people taking care of me, bringing me flowers,  visiting me everyday, my brother brought balloons for me n I was this popular person…

But it was a sad scene too…not me, but other patients…

I have always hated visiting hospitals..

There were so many patients i saw in those 20-30 days that i couldn’t even think about me…an old woman who couldn’t recognize her own daughter, an old lady who was in comma for don’t know how many days, an uncle no one came to see, a 2-year-old girl who was going to lose her fingers if her blood flow didn’t improve, a small boy with broken hip and a woman with backache and no one at home to even apply a pain relieving cream….(funny thing is that i even saw this weird man who was completely fine n was living in ICU.. i don’t know why…may be  he wanted to do something new to spend his money… he used to inspect the cleaning lady every morning n used to tell her…u left that comer n that corner… :p   …)…

these were the things that made me sad, I was never worried about me dying…never…I got scared just once when I was shifted to this ICU section where i wasn’t allowed to meet my visitors, where no one could call me, my friends could no longer come and make me feel better n I was not allowed to see my mother next to me for more than 5 min…

My hospital adventure was an adventure coz it was smooth..i had world’s best nurses around me…not coz they were good but  coz they were so so damn nice to me…

this one nurse…sister Roy…she stayed awake one whole night, massaged my back so that i could feel better n hold on till the morning, when they were going to shift me to another hospital a good one…

which by the way was more like a 5 star hotel…

Last week I visited this gov of my uncle was there…

I could see one big hall, with 100 of stretchers n patients… there were no private rooms, no ac rooms, no place for visitors to sit… n no place to keep flowers for someone…

it was a scene from one of those movies where a tragedy happens n hero goes to this hospital to look for someone n all he could see is misery  n people in vain…

Why do we have so many malls n so less hospitals?

Why do have so many MBA grads n so less doctors?…if this is the state of a relatively big city hospital…then what happens in small cities…?

I can’t thank enough to those nurses, my mom n my mentor…!! You people brought me back from heaven 😉 !!

So here comes Valentine 2010….!!

a part of me is always asking…why make so much hullabaloo on a particular day of particular month… i mean what kind of love is it, where you need a special day to tell your loved ones ….U Are Special or I love You…!!

Why do we need to wait for a whole year before we say that? Why not just give flowers or gifts on a random day of every week or every month and say these words…?


Then the other part of me can’t help but argue…

argue that we need a day to remind ourselves that there is someone who loves us more than anybody else, someone who makes our day wonderful with one smile, but  may be ..may be…we take that someone for granted…

So, that’s why people in love, but busy in life…need a knock on their forehead to remind them that …the only way of taking care of a relationship is to show the affection…!! so  we need a day of love, a day when those of use who have forgotten how special our loved ones are, and how they sacrifice something or other everyday to make us feel good, can humbly and lovingly say “Thankyou “

… a day when we can leave our obsession with our social obligations and job issues aside and relive our caring, affectionate and loving side  for people we love and care for, but hardly show them… that we do!!

Life is a letter…n valentine’s day is the Post Script where we remember the most important thing to say…

I love You..

…just want to share a smile, with a friend like you…!!

It’s my first blog, so I better dedicate it to people who make me look better, my friends!

Life is an unfair game, but if you have friends who know you, friends who can see right through you and friends who take you for granted, you know you can fight whatever has to come your way.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up and get out of school…

when I was in college I couldn’t wait to enter some Mass Communication college and become some  hot shot Journo,

but not anymore… I rather get old doing what I’m doing, meeting the same people every day for the rest of my life, than wait for the next step of life… we don’t realize that by planning and dreaming of a tomorrow, we miss what we have today ..!!