“I rather a be a good nobody than an evil somebody”…!

We, as, human beings are different people with altogether different attitudes… we are egoistic, we are happy go lucky, we are mean, we are emotional, we are practical, we want money, we believe in God too much to be questioned, we are jealous, we are obsessive, we are romantic, we are dark, we are twisted, we are sunny and smiley, we are hesitant, we are over confident, we crib, we cry, we laugh, we hate, we doubt, we are ugly, we are beautiful, we dream, we believe, we are scared, we are high headed, we are depressed, we are competitive and we want everything…

No matter how different we all are… in the end one thing remains common. We all are in love with someone or something. That’s where all the differences disappear.

Lately, I have been wondering about how as human beings we all have issues, problems, complaints, secrets, dreams, passion and wishes…

While some of us go to the extreme for what we want, rest of us just follow life as it comes and wait for that day… that one lucky day when we get to ask for our three wishes.

We all have our three wishes prepared and well scripted inside our hearts…it’s just that we don’t ever end up with an ol’ rusty magical lamp.

Even the hardest and toughest of us have a dream, dried up enough to make us feel nothing inside.

What we don’t really see is that despite our differences, our emotions, beliefs and emotions… we all have one life to live and what we make of it is up to us. We can either live long enough to die a cribber and whiner or we can live with what we have and die as someone who fought with smiles and hope till the last breath.

We can’t get everything and sometime we can’t even get what we should have…!

In our search of a blue fairy and a magical lamp, we forget about the power we are born with… Communication, ability to Trust, Faith, Patience and Kindness!

There is no denying from the fact that we all miss our childhood… because that’s when we were the better part of us.

Chess Premier League

For past few days I have been watching Australian hunks, Indian dudes and action packed men from other parts of the world.. Cricket has become the talk of the town with the arrival of IPL 3.

Personally I am a big fan of cricket because I know what it is all about, I play a good game and coz I enjoy watching Adam Gilchrist, Bret lee, James Anderson, Sachin Tendulkar, Irphan Pathan, Bond and Ponting on big screen…

I thought I was having fun and then my cousin came home… he saw me playing chess on vista and we talked about the game. Surprisingly, I found him interested… it is surprising for me cause not many people play chess. I know some of them who can beat me in no time, but they don’t. And, some of them don’t even know what the game is all about.

You know…What’s really sad? Fact that it was originated in my own country.

Anyhow… so we both decide to have a game. Game one, I won..

And game two he got it.

The thrill of beating a person on a chess board is so much that you can’t stop yourself from playing more and more. Maybe that’s why, last night we both had two straight chess matches, where the winner won with an ending that is hard to believe.

Game 1:

The winner moves the pawn towards the opponent’s side and somehow it managed to move to the eight-rank and got a Promotion, which means the pawn was exchanged for a queen. The final scene was…winner, thanks to one Promotion and two UnderPromotions got two queens, two rooks and the king, while the opponent had just the King.

Game 2:

The winner was all down with just few pawns, one rook and one knight…while the opponent had quite a good team left. The last scene was…the winner had a queen (due to a Promotion of Pawn) and the king cornering the opponent’s lonely king.

The final score is 3:1…and I’m still high on the victory thing.

And I think our CPL or Chess Premier League is still on… and I believe my team should be named Deadly Royals 😉