Incredible India shines again!!

Jai Hind!!

For past few days there has been too much of media bashing of Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010…and i would be lying if i said that i wasn’t involved. Like any other person, i too was skeptic about the games being organized in India. There is no doubt that India is a powerful nation with ability to shine, but with the terrorist attack threats, the Ayodhya judgment and the delay in preparation of game venues.. it was a difficult thing to imagine what happened yesterday.

Last evening, i was out watching Anjaana Anjaani with my friends.. i knew i was going to miss the start of the opening ceremony of CWG Delhi 2010, but i wasn’t aware that it was going to be this amazing. When i joined my parents in the TV room, there wasn’t a single doubt left in my mind about the fact that i was wrong.  The opening ceremony was a blockbuster in itself.. awesome, action packed and all colorful.

If my movie was pasia was the opening ceremony.!

I just hope that everything goes well and we get to see an equally amazing closing ceremony, with some really good numbers of medals in our kitty..

Go India Go…!! 🙂

Chak De!

oh! by the way… if Ranbir was my reason to stick to my seats in the theater… the incredibly awesome Aerostat Balloon in CWG was the star of the opening ceremony…!!

The "Show Stopper"