A week to remember …!!

This phase of my life is called Helium Balloon…!! Every day of excitement that goes through my life pushes me little high and I end up thinking is the only way to come down is to fall empty…? You see, I aint someone who can smile all the time and take life as easy as possible. In fact, I often find myself searching for answers to questions that I shouldn’t even ask at the first place, thus every time I’m happy and positive it scares me.

Last week I won my office’s chess tournament, just like last year. All my office people think I’m some cool girl with brains, which is kind of funny. Playing a good game of chess is my defense mechanisms; it makes me overlook all the flaws that I try to count in me, including being a useless thinker.

It all started with a Monday where we were given game charts for the week. I was to play my first match with an underdog and I wasn’t much tensed about it, except that the talks about me being the best player in office were making me wonder what If i lost. I mean everyone was telling me that I was going to win, that people were afraid of playing against me, etc. Honestly, I’m not that good it’s just that I take chess serious. Its one thing I love to do with all my heart. So the whole talks about me being the best was kind of freaking me out.

When I played my first game of the season, I realized maybe I’m good. It wasn’t a tough one. I believe I wrapped it up in 10 minutes, while my friends were shutting down their systems to come downstairs and watch me play I have had already given the girl an easy check mate. This made me happy and little overconfident too, which is always a bad sign.

Match number 2 was also with a girl, but, like I said before, my early victory had already turned me into an over confident defendant. I lost my Queen badly and was struggling to survive the game. While I looked at people chattering among themselves about how I was going to lose, there were mental pictures playing on my mind about me losing one thing I liked, about my mentor and friends getting disappointed and about my self confidence fraying away. It was too much, so I told myself, literally, to not give up and find a way to survive. And, that’s how I zipped every voice around me and went back to winning the game.

Next game was also a tough one, despite my being cautious I was having little problem with the attacking moves of the guy I was playing against. He got my Queen, yes two back to back matches and I lost my lady Queen in both of them. But, again the voices in my head told me to not give up. That’s how I made it to finals.

Friday was all about recreating the history. I don’t know where I will be next year this time, but I don’t think this can happen again.

I played a two and a half hour long match with my own boss. He was good, told me he practiced the opening and that’s why I ended up being attacked and pushed back. My opening was good but backfired when I failed to notice his Bishop. Well, he had me cornered and captured, except that I was aware of his moves. While I may have had lost my army this time I had my queen safe and sound which is how I managed to cut his moves. One move, all he had to do was use his one move and I was done and dead. But I used my Queen to give series of checks to his King, after all I couldn’t afford to let him us his turn. In the attempt to survive the handful of checks that I gave him, he ended up losing half of his team. That’s when I was back in game. With just one Queen I cleared half of the board and ended up turning the tables.

He shook hands with me congratulated me and there I was the winner of year 2011 chess tournament of my office. Not only did I defended my crown but also proved myself I was more than dark and twisted.

Suddenly I was the star, which is rare, suddenly I was the news.

I want to dedicate my victory to my mentor Bhavya and would like to thank her for every call she made before and after my every game.

Thankyou God for letting me shine..!!