Wish I could show u my definition of love
But I rather sing it to you
Writing letters may be little too much for you
So I rather put it in a melody
You are what I need every day instead of my coffee
I rather sit with you than go travel cause you are my world
When I say I love you
When I say you’re all I have in name of happiness
It’s more than a song
Let’s walk together on a beach
Or we can dance and jump on my bed
Believe me I don’t know what love is
I can only sing about it
You are like my bouquet of fresh lilies
Only I can’t stop looking beyond you
You make me sing clichés like everything I do is for you
Yet it’s not far from truth
I want to buy you everything you want, but are confused about
I want to do everything that makes you laugh
I want to look at you when you are not noticing
Sometimes you walk right through me, making me invisible
Sometimes you look at me like u look another individual
I wish I wasn’t like this
I wish I knew what this is
So I sing a song
Don’t know if it’s right or wrong
You’re my dose of fresh air and I want to hear you talk all day long
Every day you leave me saying so long now
I look down count to 3 and say “wow o wow”
Please make it stop
Whatever is this?
I wish I wasn’t like this
I m singing again for you
Like I did before
I can’t define love but I can play it on guitar for you
You are my summer and my winter
I wouldn’t be wrong if I say you’re my rains and my fall
Love has always been a movie theme to me
I don’t know how to let you know what you mean to me
Often, when I see you cry it’s difficult to explain why I cry
Sometimes I try to walk away, but I come back to where I started from
It’s like my world is a circle drawn around you
I guess am hopelessly in love with you…!!!