It wasn’t meant to be…..

Some stories aren’t meant to be
Like you and me
It wasn’t raining the day you left me
I couldn’t hide behind the rain drops
Every tear that came down was seen
You were there every night every day
I still see us on top of those hills
You and me walking on those streets
Waking up next to you
Teasing you with “i hate you”
What happened to all those dreams we built
Walking together, laughing together
Fighting only to cry and be sorry together
I can’t be yours, you can’t be mine
but every moment is still alive and will be there forever
i still live with you in my dreams
i still live where you left me
Sometimes i see through a crowd and see you there,
Standing in a corner smiling at me
Maybe, we weren’t destined to be
But, i could never say goodbye
i could never let go of what we had
Do you too sometime dream of the place, where we last met?
It was wrong yet felt so perfect
I may die someday without letting you know
That i love you so
But it wouldn’t make it less true
Because right or wrong, i cant and will never stop loving you
If you ever lose me
Find me in memories
I don’t need a picture of you, to miss you
I never needed you to tell me, you love me too
Remember me is all i ask for
Even if am just a friend of yours
What i had with you was real
There are no words to describe what i felt and i what i still feel
Every second of everyday we were together
You may walk away, but i will be with you everywhere
How can i say i don’t believe in angels?
When i have been following one every where
Often, i wonder what would you do and i do it too
Everything you loved reminds me of what i don’t have
Every song i love is somewhat talking about you
Where have you gone?
Wish there was something i could have done
Nevertheless, you are loved till the last second of me is left
Till there is a sun and a moon
I can’t get you stars, can’t even get you a flower
Cause you are not there
But i still love you
Don’t ever believe i don’t
If you ever come back looking for me
I would be standing just where you found me!!