I wish it could be Christmas everyday…!!!

There is something about Christmas that makes me happy… So happy, that I wait for it to come back again. I wonder if it’s those Christmas movies, Christmas carols or is it just the chilly lazy winter season, but this phase of the year always makes me cheerful…For some reason, winters never felt blue to me. It surely, does makes me wonder how fast the year went away. Last year, Christmas was lot better and merrier but it doesn’t make me sad…because it’s Christmas again. Sure am sad and feel alone but that doesn’t mean i can’t shop, eat, sing and spend my one of my favourite days. Sadness never leaves, Christmas or no Christmas, so why the hell not overlook it for one day. I never had any Christmas tree, never decorated my room with mistletoe and never even saw snow in my whole life. I just have my own way of enjoying this day, which for some reason has way too much effect on my mood.

I make it appoint to watch at least one Christmas movie, listen to Christmas carols all day long, wear red and white (a tradition i have been following for long now), go out and do things that make me smile, whether it’s a cup of coffee, ice-cream or shopping.

No it’s not about the religion; i have never been religious enough. It’s something i can’t exactly put my finger on, but it has been there since i was a teenager. Nevertheless, i think it’s not crazy to like a day and celebrate it even if the only purpose is to smile for a while, forget the blues and get lost in a whole different world.

New year is knocking on the door all over again… for some reason, i m not really afraid of the coming year unlike last time when i knew things would change… this time i have this feeling, a feeling that tells me i need not worry…i hope this feeling is right…maybe, it’s the merry-go-happy girl inside me who comes to visit me every Christmas…besides, what’s the harm in being joyful for a day or two…. i know it’s not going to stay for long !!

It’s like, If i cant walk in snow doesnt mean i cant sing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”….!!!

Wish you a merry Christmas & a happy new year…!!!!!!!!

My Happy Place!!

Last night, I was lost and sad so, I started browsing through my laptop to watch something nice and I ended up watching a little bit of ‘You’ve got mail’. I just don’t know what’s with Meg Ryan’s movies and me…every time I’m low I just watch one like I am seeing it for the first time. They intrigue me and entertain me with a whole new look, no matter how many times have I seen the same scene. It’s like a part of me actually wants to live those movies, which is of course funny because I fit the role of cynic Lisbeth Salander more than I fit the blue eyed Kathleen Kelly of ‘The shop around the corner’. Still, I just can’t get enough of Meg Ryan classics. I mean day before yesterday I download French Kiss … Now, why would I do that haven’t I seen that? I tried to justify myself by saying I was downloading it for my friend, which has to be an absolute lie because only after I downloaded the movie I told my friend about it, and he said get me the movie.

Anyhow, no matter how crazy does it sound but I think Meg Ryan’s classics are my defence mechanism against my rebellion mind, which refuses to believe in anything happy or positive. It’s like I transcend into a different person, a colourful and a happy one.

They are my happy place!!