There is a reason why i love you; you came into my life when i was falling down. You took me by hand and walked by my side every day, without asking me why. You smiled and laughed with me, made me see beyond black and blue. I never knew what it felt like smiling for no reason, till i met you. You made me learn how life is lived; you made me thousand times better than what i was.  Not even for once you asked me to change myself, not even a fraction of myself. You became the heartbeat inside me, the breath i took and soon i knew that i couldn’t live without you. For next thousand years or even more, I’m going to be in love with you. Coz i just can’t do without you, you are all i have in the name of life.  Yes, there is a reason why i love you.

I love you because that’s all i know and that’s what i have been doing since the day i met you.  Even if you ask me to leave, i will smile and let go of you but will follow because that’s all i know.

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