Rooney Mara does an amazing Lisbeth…!!

Ever since i have read Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series i have been waiting for the movies…despite the fact that usually movies do not turn out as good as the books. Then i saw the trailer and i was a bit apprehensive about the portrayal of Lisbeth. It was important for me to approve of the presentation of her character. Because Lisbeth Salander is not just a character, she is the hero of the story.

But but but… last night i finally saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”… while they have successfully manage to keep the movie as grasping as the book, i was super impressed by what Rooney Mara did with Lisbeth. Her transformation into Lisbeth Salander was done so superbly that all my doubts came crashing down. Everything from being a victim with no wish to be social, a cold face tattoo girl who likes bisexual experimentation to a girl who has secretly fallen in love with Blomkvist, Rooney has managed to present every colour of Lisbeth’s dark and twisted world.

I, especially, like the way she talks only when she is needed and talks without any hint of emotion. I don’t know if anyone else could have done this much of justice to Lisbeth… Daniel Craig was a total Mikael Bastard Blomkvist (as Lisbeth calls him).

Hats off to David Fincher for finding the right cast and making the book come alive on the screen. But i did find few things missing in the movie that were part of the book. Like they never showed any scene of Lisbeth with her ailing mother, the bond between Armansky and Lisbeth, as well as an important scene regarding the Harriet mystery (do not wish to be a spoiler), also if am not wrong Lisbeth had no clue about the survival of her first guardian Palmgren and never visited him in the first book.

Guess, it’s hard to mirror a book into a movie without reshaping the edges. Nevertheless, movie was great and i can’t wait for “The Girl Who Played with Fire”.

One thought on “Rooney Mara does an amazing Lisbeth…!!

  1. I haven’t seen the new movie, but I personally loved Lisbeth in the Swedish movie the best. If I saw the movie, I’m (mostly) sure I would like it. But even with subtitles, I prefer the Swedish movies – no less because they’re complete! The English version still needs to be completed. 😛

    If you ever get the chance, and if you can follow subtitles, you should see it sometime. Just for comparison’s sake, of course. I’ll try and see the English version. Then we’ll talk.

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