There is this feeling…

There is this feeling, a feeling that it was meant to be this way. You and I meeting on a cross road, smiling at each other and walking together till the next turn of life. We became friends and soul mates in a journey that was so small yet so colorful. We made promises and some of them were kept as we walked under the rain, took the bad weather and shared all the sunshine. We knew this road wasn’t going be a straight happy little street; we didn’t care cause we were busy looking at each other, singing happy songs. We lied under the sun, painted big dreams on the sky and wondered how much it all meant to us.

Then one fine day we saw the turn, just like the one where we met, only this time we had to walk away. We hugged, we cried, we promised “all yours” and walked without looking ahead. We kept our eyes on each other for as long as we could and then we looked ahead to find another road with same sky, weather, sunshine and colors, only we weren’t together, only we weren’t singing promises. Then we met new people, we tried to smile again and sing again, but we still thought of each other and we knew no matter how many crossroads come, how many people we meet and how many winters turn into spring, we will keep each other in our hearts and will always have that love inside.

There is this feeling, a feeling that it was meant to be this way…!!

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