Why i love Glee?

For past one week i have been in my room sneezing, coughing and sleeping. So when i wasn’t sleeping or feeling like throwing up, i watched back to back episodes of some of my favourite shows. Grey’s Anatomy, Raising Hope, Glee, Nikita and Prison Break. Well there is a long list of shows i love, but today i wanted to give my attention to Glee. Just saw its finale for season 3 and i so damn hope….they do not end up killing Quinn. Come on, Q? I want Q back in season 4.

Reasons why i love Glee:


Glee does some of the best mashups ever. Who doesn’t love two good songs get mashed up and are played together? My favourite has been Rumour has it/Someone like you and Halo/walking on sunshine.


While Rachael Berry may be the lead and strength of the group, i still think Santana has a great voice. That girl can sing. I mean she did a ditto Amy Winehouse. She is mean, but she is good.


While he may be playing love of Kurt’s life, i just can’t help but find him way too handsome to be gay. Little less hair gel and he can rule Hollywood.  Plus, he is an awesome singer. The only male singer who is as good Blaine is Arty. Sorry, Finn is just overrated.


She is dumb, but cute. I just love her portrayal of an innocent dumb blonde, but more than that i think she is one of the most stylish person on the show. I prefer episodes where she isn’t in her cheer-leading uniform, cause her sense of fashion is inspiring. In fact, if am not wrong there was even an episode based on her being a style statement.

Mr. Schuster

Okay there is no place for an argument when i say that the Glee teacher is sexy and super awesome. He sings well, dances well and looks so cute. Lucky Miss Emma..!!

Sue Sylvester

Sue is a nice person wrapped in a blanket of meanness, but i like her. She gives a whole new edge to bad guys with good heart.

Cute couples

Glee is full of cute young couples with sweet little stories. I really thought Quinn should have stayed with Sam, they make a very Vanilla type couple… Like Barbie and Ken.  I love love Emma and Schuster, even Tina and Mike Chang is cute.


Before i met Glee i wasn’t open to change in music, now i have so many new songs in my collection. Glee is like my music library. I want to thank Glee for introducing me to Adele.