the girl in my mirror…!!!

I see her sad & silent sitting at the corner with same look on her face, same questions that never leave her. For years she has been fighting something unexplainable, sometime she finds it easy and sometimes it takes every ounce of energy to get through it, but rarely does she give in. She tries to stand and walk as far as possible, with all the darkness around. What happened to you i ask, looking at her as she tries to recognize me? Why the tears, i ask as she sees past me into nothing? You are not alone, talk to me. She doesn’t. She in broken and tired but she has long way to go. She doesn’t talk to me because she blames me, for leaving her in good times, for pretending she doesn’t exist and for trying to forget her. I admit, and am guilty for, i have tried to let go of her. I have but she knows and so does my heart, i can’t let go not for long even if i want to. I tell her she is not alone and I’m not going anywhere, but i sound empty even to my own ears. For years i have seen her like this and for years i have found no reason. I love her and would give anything to see the smile, but i wish i didn’t know her. If only i wasn’t her only friend. Her sadness brings me down; she is just another me with a frown. She is the girl in my mirror…!!!