She was just a little girl who loved playing in her front yard; she had no friends and no toys. She didn’t mind for she had wind, ground, trees and pebbles to herself. She danced, jumped and climbed for everything that stood in front of her was her friend. Sometimes she would look at the kids walking on the road wonder if she could walk with them. I’m your doll and you are my teddy bear, she would sing to herself. One fine day he came jumping to her front porch, smiled at her and played with her. She liked his eyes, he made her smile and like herself. He would bring flowers for her, help her climb little higher on her favorite tree, make castles out of stones she used to kick around when all alone. She had a friend and she wasn’t on her own anymore. He would tell her he would marry her when they grow up and she would laugh at him, because she was taller. They would make paper planes and paper boats. Then one fine day he came with a frown, kissed her cheek and gave her the last flower and walked away. She went back to her trees, wind and emptiness. She kept his flower in a book and every plane and boat they made. She wondered if she will ever have a friend again. Sometimes she would make faces on wall and give them names. But they never made her happy like he did.

One day she was humming her favorite song to the faces on the wall, when she came and sat next to her. She was pretty and had a smile that made her smile. She shared her doll with her, she gave her prettiest scarves. Together they played on the sand, talked of colors and sang poems. She would wait for her every evening; her friend would get her a chocolate every time. They would sit together and dream of things they would like to do, when they grow up. She wanted to become a singer and her friend wanted to see the world. She had a friend again and she wasn’t on her own anymore. Then again came the day, her friend wasn’t smiling and had the last chocolate for her. She hugged and they cried, together they sat for hours for the last time before they parted ways. She went back to her old flower, her chocolate wrappers, the lonely scarves hanging in her room and the faces on the walls.

The trees were the only friend who never left, but they never talked to her. She wanted a friend but didn’t know why they left. She told herself she is her best friend, but that didn’t make her happy. She sat again on her tree waiting for another friend to come by along with few more days of smiles, before she sings Goodbye again. She never knew how to spell things but Goodbye was all she learned. She still sits and waits for happy faces to come to her porch, make her smile and walk away. She knows one day she will not need her trees; she won’t have to talk to the faces on the wall and have a friend who would make her misspell Goodbye…!!