Shopping a bagful of books..!!

Today was just another Saturday, only it wasn’t for me. For past few days i haven’t been feeling well due to all the cough and cold thing, so i just couldn’t get anything to uplift my mood. I was down with bad health and my mood was falling off the ridge. So, when i got little better i decided to do one thing that makes me happy to the core. Shopping and writing.

I started with a new story “Dominique” and so far it’s going good and this time i won’t disown it, this time i will complete it. I don’t care if no one ever reads it; it’s going to be my baby like my last story. This one is for me, just for me. While the writing has begun i also planned my next step “shopping”. I knew my health was all better, now all i needed was a day off, so i waited for my weekend. I got up with a plan. You see when i say shopping i don’t talk about clothes in particular, i mean books. I have this thing, crazy but true, i love buying novels. The more the merrier. Buying books makes me happy, so happy that i cant explain in words. The new fresh book covers, with crisp and untouched papers bundled inside has magical powers.

Recently my aunt gave me some bucks, just a part of some tradition. So, i decided am going to spend all of it on books. After all those bad nights i spent puking in washroom and coughing and in fever, i told myself that i need something to feel better psychologically. So, i woke up real late had my super late breakfast and drove to the city. I made a stop at one of my best friend’s place did some work and then went straight to my heaven “a book shop”. Being in a book shop surrounded by so many new books, each one calling at you. Priceless. Then i went to my library and got me some more books.

Truth be told… there is nothing more amazing than shopping a bagful of books…a total mood lifter!!