Monday is back..!!

Funny thing about life is that you never when you start despising things you once loved. Take Monday for instance, i was once a Monday person. I was the only one i knew who never frowned over this one word. I think my friends thought i was insane. It was funny but what could i do, i loved my job, the people, the environment, everything.

Now Monday is like my Kryptonite… takes away all the strength i have inside.

Anyhow, the only good thing about Monday is that i get to see Pretty Little Liars. Tuesday means i get to watch Glee, Thursday brings Grey’s Anatomy and Friday brings love of my life Weekend.

Its almost 1 a.m and i know if i don’t go to bed now, i will be a miserable soul tomorrow. Monday afternoons are the worst, they are boring, tiring and remind you of how you should have slept on time. Oh i hate the fact that i don’t sleep on time. Why can’t i just be like normal people, turn off my lights at a reasonable time, get up early, go for a jog and then get ready for work. No, how can i do that? Why would i do that? Wouldn’t that make me a sane person?

Crap! It’s Monday again. What happened to the weekend?