People might leave you but music wont…!!

Lately, music has become a major part of my routine. I am yet to install a stereo in my car, so i play it on my Blackberry till i reach my work place. Then after making sure my team has all the work and resources they need, i go back to my headphones. I sometimes prefer to listen to one song for half of the day, before i decide that it’s time to  let go of it. I come back home and plug my Blackberry to the speakers in my room. Music talks to me like no one else; it tells me am screwed but its okay. In fact i already have a complete list of soundtracks i would like to include if ever there is a movie made on my current story Dominique.

I am a complete Youtube person. It’s where i live nowadays, as i search and listen to popular song covers and originals. I find many cover singers refreshingly good. They give me double pleasure, as i get to enjoy original as well as a whole new version of it.

A lot of the songs in my phone are a courtesy of cover singers, Glee and my love for Avril lavigne and Lady Gaga. Lately i have also become a crazy fan of Adele’s new album. Her pain brought her Grammy, isn’t that good and bad at the same time. Pain can bring you all the things in the world, but the lost love, freedom from darkness that caused it all and belief that you will one day feel something that doesn’t feel like pain.  I find it difficult to go through a day without listening to a song, any song.

Recently i also got introduced to Digital Daggers. I don’t know if they are a regular band or are just new people on the block, but there music has become a backbone of my storyline for Dominique.  Like i said music has become my inspiration, my healer and even the reason for my wincing when it takes me to a trip down memory lane. Sometimes music has the power of making me dream of a perfect life, the one i could never have but wish i had. It’s all in the imagination and the lyrics, like the writer wrote it just for you. Like he or she knew.

I find Katy Perry too much non serious to be my kind of music person, but when i heard her “The one that got away” i forgot what i thought of her. I think she may have very well sung her only master piece or i hope she gives me more of this one.

Sometimes music brings tears to my eyes and i have to forcefully stop myself from listening to a song, any song happy or sad.  I have two such songs that have always made me teary eyed, no matter how times i listen to them. One is a glee mash up of Rumour has it/someone like you and the other is Switchfoot’s You. Oh and how can i not mention Landon Pigg’s Cant let go.

I think Christina Perri’s Arms was written for me. Another song i think was written for me is Brandi Callie’s The Story. This one has a weird pull to it, i can’t help but listen to it over and over again.

Boyce Avenue and his long list of cover songs have become a big part of my Blackberry’s music folder. This guy with his dynamic guitar is magically awesome. I would recommend him to everyone who likes searching for songs on Youtube. Usually he does cover songs with other cover artists, which is even better. Born this way is one song that has been sung by almost every cover song artist on Youtube, obviously because it’s a rocker.

 I truly believe that acoustic has its own magic of reviving a song you have heard thousand times…!!