She and her life in pictures…!!

Good Morning


That’s how she looks in the morning (not literally), wondering about best possible excuse to avoid work. Being kidnapped by aliens is lame and old school, so she ends up with nothing.


Driving late to work


She can climb Mt Everest but cant reach on time to work or to even a coffee day with her  friends or a movie she would not want to miss from the start. So usually, that’s how she drives with her one eye on the cell phone keeping a check on the time and on her messenger, wondering if her friend has some message about the boss being reached before her.


Checking mails


Checking mails, planning the day and counting number of hours left (she has a secret eye whose work is to keep a check on the clock).


Working seriously


That’s how she looks for half of the day, lost in work. Yes her headphones come out the moment she decides to get seriously lost in her system. Remember the clock eye works side by side.


Work, music and coffee


No no she does smile. Usually when she takes a coffee or tea break (depending upon the mood and money in her pocket), she surfs for things other than work. Obviously the headphones never leave, even when she is on a break.


Tired and sleepy


When the day is almost over with few more hours to go, she gets sleepy and promises herself that tonight she is going to bed early. She thinks of possible ways to change things in life. Promises start coming out – a) am gonna have a routine, b) am gonna sleep on time, c) am gonna come early and leave on time d) am gonna …eh … so the list goes on. Music in her headphones shifts from happy songs to blues to dance numbers to slow ones, while she also keeps a check on the time. Just few more hours.




Always happy when going back. See how she still has her music on and the smile too.




There is a reason she calls herself a night animal. She thinks she lives when people rest, go back to bed and dream of tomorrow. With a cup of tea, music still on and her laptop on, she blogs, she checks mail, she writes, she lives.


Dear Diary


She has a friend who lives in her diary, often she visits her friend and talks her heart out. Dear diary is what she says, day was fine is how she starts, then she tells a story of a girl she knows wondering if the diary knows she is talking about herself.



She likes to read, cause she thinks fiction is solution to every thing that hurts. Her love for people who live in books makes her happy enough to write. Mysteries and suspense takes her to a whole new world, as she tries to guess the ending. She fills her mind with another world, another story, so she could forget the one she lives in before she goes to dream.

Its late again, she swears and curses at her watch. Where did the time go? She turns of the light thinking maybe from tomorrow she will go early to bed. She whispers good night and reminds herself..there is another day, lots of music and another night to live…!!