My imaginary love story…!!

For someone like me who hasn’t had any big relationships, hasn’t fallen in love again and finds it impossible to get married, life is a party for one.  But even for a person as screwed as me, love is a word that brings smile.  I have always loved the idea of being in love, having someone who would make me feel beautiful (not that i don’t feel that way.. call me self centered but i think i am pretty).

I love watching romantic comedies and love songs can be easily found in my list of slow and dark soundtracks. I too think love at first sight is real and that anything written after falling in love is counted as a love poem. My idea of love goes straight to the movies where two people meet, but don’t know they love each other and one fine day the sweet reality dawns upon them. Just because i give 5 star to movies like The girl with the dragon tattoo and Sucker Punch, doesn’t mean am not entitled to watch When Harry Met Sally or P.S I love you. I too have an imaginary love story, where everything is perfect.

I have been in love with Edward Cullen for years, even before i read Twilight. Because that’s the kind of love i have believed in, despite never being in one. To love someone so much that all that matters to you is being around that person, no questions asked… no conditions made.

My imaginary love story is usually the reason why i sometimes can’t help but believe in “May be”, when the sky inside is clear and it’s sunny in my heart.  To have someone to say goodnight to is a big deal, but to have someone who wants you in pain more than in smiley days is what matters. At least my imaginary love is like that!

I am in love with the idea of being in love and a dream of having a love story…and the fact that my life is like a car driving 200km/hr in the opposite lane doesn’t stop me from dreaming a love story i wished, but could never have.

They say you can’t live a fairy tale, so who stopped you from dreaming of it.

 Like i said, just because i live in town blue,
doesn’t mean i can’t sing songs like “Me and you”…!!