The girl in red…!!!!

Who was she?  The girl in red
She moved swiftly and softly
Who was she? The girl in red
She had a smile I never saw before
Her eyes kept me hooked
And I wanted to look at her more and more
Was she new in the town?
Or did I just never looked at her before, I frowned
Big blue eyes
Took my breath away
So big and beautiful I wish I could say
Wish I could walk up to her and ask her out
She had the most amazing laugh
Broke me into half
Who was the man with her?
Who was that guy who didn’t even looked at her?
Wish I could ask her for a dance
Would it make a difference?
Suddenly everyone was a prop
She was all I could see and
There was nothing I could do, I just couldn’t stop
Of course, I was being a fool
Falling for a girl so beautiful
Who was she?
The girl in red
I liked the way she played with her wine and bread
I envied the waiter taking her order
Why couldn’t I get to be there?
Staring at her magical eyes and talk to her
She was hugging her girl friend
Who was she the girl in red?
Suddenly, I wished I was that banjo player
Sitting across her table playing music for her
She was trying her best to enjoy her company
Something told me she was distracted and little unhappy
If only i could sing a song for her
If only we could twirl
Who was that man with her?
There was a rose on her table
I would have gotten her hundreds of them
I would have done better than him
Of course, I was dreaming and would woke up soon
Or else, this was an evening I never wanted to end
I was no longer capable of doing anything else
But make a sketch of her in my mind
She was work of art
There she was sitting few tables away from me
And, all I could do was keep looking keep staring
Soon he would pay the bill and take her away
Soon she would become my reason to pray
Everyday I would come back to this place
Hoping someday she would come back
Everyday I would prepare a speech to talk to her
Hoping someday she would be there
Who was she, the girl in red?
Suddenly she was standing next to me
Suddenly we were all alone and together
She was laughing again, talking again
I looked at her into her blue eyes
Who was she?
The girl in red
I just couldn’t take her out of my head
Who was she?
Standing next to me
I was taking her with me
Her memory, the way she blinked and the way she laughed
You are in love with a dream my friend, I said
Who was she?

The girl in red…!!!



This phase of my life is called “The Transformer”…!!

No, i haven’t seen part 1 or 2 or 3, or if there is a part 4, of the movie Transformer and i don’t even like Megan Fox, but still if i had to give a name to my life i would call it “The Transformer”. This phase of my life, right now, is called Transformer for simple reasons. Have you ever felt that you changed into a whole new person, maybe a better one, because of people around you or events in your life? I think everyone changes and transforms into a different person at some point, some of us change because of a newly found love, some find success in their professional life changing them and some grow up to be a changed person because of personal turbulence.

Anyone who says i never felt transformation in myself is either lying or is unaware of it or maybe yet to go through it. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but i believe that transformation into a different kind of person with time, and by events happening, is a major part of life.  Motherhood makes a woman transforms into a caring and overprotective mother, Marriage turns a carefree girl into a responsible wife, love makes a boy into a grown up man and so on. All these examples are mere reference to what I’m saying that we all change or transform into someone, we didn’t knew existed inside us.

The reason i call this phase of my life “Transformer” is because i find myself being transformed back into the kind of person i was few years back. Few weeks ago a friend of mine told me that i have changed; truth is i was always this person that I’m right now. I just transformed into a whole new person for a while, a stronger one. Like i said, sometimes people or events change you, my job, my new-found world and experiences changed me. But i was always aware of the transformation and knew that soon i would be walking backwards, it was only a matter of time.

Today, i have gone back to being who i was. No i haven’t turned into a bad or mean person; trust me i was always a nice person. I have just transformed back to the lone soldier i was. I feel like a transformer, only my life doesn’t contain gadgets, robotic cars, aliens and spaceships. My life contains circumstances that make me as human as possible, only a human who is lost and different.

I’m in phase of being transformed again into a person i was once, only this time i know better..!!