the perfect love song…!!

All the hours in the world are less for me to write you the perfect love song…So i try every day to write a line or few to find those perfect lyrics which will sing to you what you mean to me. You are what i call a song written by God, everything you say makes life beautiful. Like a magic you come and its sunshine, you turn around and it’s all cloudy again. As i walk alone searching for the best words and right music to compose my love song for you, i realize i can’t find anything as beautiful as you. I can’t see anything as colorful as you.

So i think of the day we met, every moment we spent together and i find what’s missing. I know i can simply say “i love you”, but that wouldn’t measure what i felt for years when i dreamed of finding you someday, what i feel now that i have found you and what i will feel for the rest of my life, whether i win you or not.

Like a miracle, you walked onto the road i was walking on, the journey i was taking in life and here we were standing together, talking and smiling not knowing how one moment was going to change everything. Our world collided and i fell in something, something so deep that everything i do, i say, i feel and i care for can be measured by what i feel for you. I’m not in love; it’s beyond that if there is something like that.

I’m pretty sure there is no song written and can ever be written that would explain you in simple words what you mean to me, what you do to  me and how simple presence of you around me makes the whole purpose of myself being here, in this world.

But i promise you one day i will write down something and call it my love song for you. Even if you walk away i will keep writing and singing for you, hoping to get those perfect lyrics that will sing out a perfect love song for you from me. Till then just let me walk by your side, humming lines to tell you how every smile of yours gives me strength to stand and walk some more, how every tear of yours kills me some more, why i cry when you frown with moist eyes, why i can’t stop following you for the rest of my life, even if you do not turn around, and why i always knew you even when we haven’t met and why now everything in life is all about you.

Maybe, someday i will write you the perfect love song…!!