Am peachy…!!

I wish i could say that, i wish could say I’m peachy. I have always wanted to say that while i meant it, but who said road to “Someday” will be short and simple. I live with a hope that there is a road, a road to someday, miles ahead doesn’t matter as long as it exists and am walking on it. Lately, I can feel everyday and the day coming after because it’s like i have lived them before.

Sometimes i imagine i am a rock band member, people love me and i have my face painted on t-shirts of thousands of girls and boys. I dream that i can sing annoyingly well that makes many nervous and envious. I’m wearing black, i have tattoos, i have a hat and i own one of the most expensive Step-Up movie kind shoes. I don’t know why i imagine this, but i do.

Sometimes i imagine I walking on a beach, lonely long water boulevard, with a hand in my hand and a face looking at mine. I dream of us walking slowly with water coming and going back erasing every step we took, to make new footprints ahead of us. I’m happy as the wind knocks away my hair. We don’t stop and don’t talk; we just keep walking with a strange happiness inside that never existed. I don’t know why i imagine this, but i do.

Sometimes i imagine myself as a motorbike racer, driving at a high speed as i try to overtake everyone i have ahead of me. I am on a bike that is smooth, costly and awesome looking machine. My team is waiting for me to finish up the race, hoping that they will get a chance to throw all the champagne on me. I dream of reaching the last lap and making it to the finish line with every one cheering for me, many wearing a cap with my signature on it. I don’t know why i imagine this, but i do.

Sometimes i imagine I’m in high school all over again, surrounded by books, friends and cola cans. I dream of being the popular kid in school with everyone smiling t me and saying hi to me. I have a huge gang of friends, all of us sitting together laughing together. We have our own jokes and our own plans for the day. I dream that i have a secret admirer. I don’t know why i imagine this, but i do.

Have you ever wanted to meet someone who is like you, just like you? No not a doppelganger but someone who feels things the way you do, who lives life the way you do and is as messed up as you? I have.

I wait to meet someone who would make me not imagine things, someone who would make me say “Am peachy” for real…!!