Fiction shows can save the day!!!!

Like always i came back home tired, broken and blue. I was looking forward to get my hands on my laptop, i hadn’t decided what i wanted to do first, blog, continue with Dominique or watch something. I was  weighing my options while i was driving back home, to be honest i was thinking of paying a visit to my diary instead of my blog as i had some serious words waiting inside dying to spill out and diary is the only thing that never judges you. So i decided against blogging today, but maybe i could just check out my favourite bloggers and see if someone liked some of my crazy posts.

So here i was smiling while checking people i follow on WP and seeing my dashboard as it beeped for comment approvals. Yayyee! Site stats were nice too. Great, ‘now what?’ i thought as i ate my dinner with my eyes on Prison Break.

Me: Let go of things today just read and go to bed, you are super sleep deprived self created monster.

Myself: Fine! I will sleep early today. Happy?

Me: who asked you to sleep early, just read you moron you how many days do you want to spend on one book?

So while i was eating, watching Prison Break and debating with voices in my head, i got a call from a friend who told me that she has seen the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (for those who do not know what PLL is, time to download people.).  I couldn’t believe my ears, just one more episode and a major mystery (yes this one is not just about high school teenagers who rarely look like school girls, it’s about super major awesome mystery that keeps you hooked from the last scene of the pilot episode) will be uncovered and she sounded all weirdly not happy with the second last episode of the season.

Okay so change of plans, i will watch PLL and then go to my reading. Fair enough, I’m still not blogging sad and unhappy crap. Who likes that’s anyway? Maybe they aren’t that bad, maybe i was being too harsh on me.

So i finish up my dinner and get ready for PLL. First ten minutes and i was gone, gone back to my love of fiction, commercial cinemas, Prime time soaps and anything that speaks or sings fiction. There is something about fiction whether it’s on screen or on bundle of pages smelling nice and good. Fiction i believe is remedy to deepest pain, not that it cures it just gives you temporary healing. In some cases it can heal too, based on the level of mess you are in.

Maybe that’s why i automatically get pulled towards story writing when am all low. There is something about watching a fictitious television show, a crime show with a handsome guy teaming up with gorgeous lady detective (Castle), a crazy family in love with each other (Raising Hope), group of teen girls being chased by a mysterious messenger (Pretty Little Liars), Handsome Attendings, gorgeous interns and heart wrenching stories of life and medicine (Grey’s Anatomy), a serial killer with heart struggling with newly found emotions and attachment with people around (Dexter), bunch of friends who do not meet up in coffee shop but are hell lot crazy and funny like our good o’l Rachael, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Ross (How i met your mother?), a high school musical with teenager struggling between love for music, zeal to be popular kid, failure to escape being slushed by bully, as they sing and dance some of the best numbers (Glee) and many many many more. I can go on and on.

Fiction, in books and in television, does something to me i can’t explain. There is something about witnessing a whole new fictitious world of fictitious people with love stories that feel real, moment of struggle with problems that makes you feel Hope and happy endings. Gosh! Who doesn’t like happy endings? Fiction shows can save the day!

A day spent reading or watching fiction on screen makes me Kathleen Kelly of a particular scene of ‘You’ve got Mail’, when she opens her shop saying “Good morning Christina, it’s a beautiful day. Isn’t its just the most beautiful day”, as she opens her shop without even noticing two car drivers screaming at each other on the road and then she continues “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?” entering her haven “The shop around the corner”..!!

I believe, Fiction is like Morphine for the scarred souls!!