She walks…!!!

She is walking down on a dark street

With a secret in her pocket to keep

She feels heavy and can’t no more stand on her feet

No one is looking at her

Excuse me can you help? Help me sir, she asks

“I’m reality” and i want no part of you

She walks away with her head down

Looking for someone who could fix her

She walks broken and tired

Keeping a secret is tearing her

Her shadow follows her, mocking her

She wonders how far the end of the tunnel is

She wonders what happens when its dawn

Will it be all sunshine and her darkness gone?

How long has she been walking like this?

Can she learn to walk without heaviness inside?

Will she learn how to held her head high and not hide?

Questions add another ton of weight on her

It’s so lonely and silent, i wish i was a good singer

She tries to joke and laugh on her on

Stars and moon accompany her

But, she still can’t find someone to help or share

She looks at those walking straight and free

She sits and breathes a little

There is light on the horizon yet no hope

Sometimes she sees a soul or two

Walking slow and with their eyes looking down

Hello, how are you?

“I’m the pain” and you want no part of me

She smiles sympathetically at them and walks ahead

Maybe she isn’t alone, but she still has a journey to cover

She waves and continues walking

She wonders what if she spills her pocket?

What if she get rid of the secret?

Voices tell her against

She closes her eyes and whispers “walk a little”

Maybe the next turn is her place to settle

Maybe the next turn will give her

A life with no heaviness

A place she can sing love & happiness

Maybe the next turn will be dawn

Till then she walks with an invisible load

She walks with her head down…!!!!