I love you..!!

I’m in love with you

I wish I could sing it to you

Or scream out loud for you

But you won’t hear me

You don’t even know me

We meet every day at your favorite coffee shop

We have same coffee sitting across each other

I know you love to read

I know you like Beatles

Sometimes you look at me

Without even knowing, you smile at me

I have often seen you crying on phone

Wish I could tell you how much it hurts

To see tears in those eyes, so big & brown

I know your name

But I don’t know if you’ll ever know mine

Sometimes I think of going to you

Talking to you

Telling you what your beautiful eyes & smile do to me

Telling you, with you there in front of me

There is nothing else I can see

But I know I can’t

You are someone else to be

So I do what I can

I have coffee with you

We don’t even talk

But sometimes with you & I take a walk

Everyday I wait for you

Every day I say good morning to you

Do you know that you & I have a song?

We both love it when the jukebox plays it on

We both love to take the sky in fall

You never told me

But I hear you talking to me

As we share our coffee sitting across the shop

Maybe one day you will see me

Maybe one day I will walk up to you

Maybe one day I will say “I love you”

Till then I will wait for you every morning

At the same coffee shop

Till then I will have my coffees with you

Keep on loving you

Every day you walk in to my life smiling

Every day you make my world bright & shining

If only you knew me

If only you knew what you do to me

How your laugh makes world a better place

I wish I could tell that your frown

Turns every color grey & brown

I believe I could tell you

That you make colors look beautiful

That every love song was written for you

Everyday I live for 30 minutes

Every day you make me better than I was before

There is nothing I wouldn’t give to talk to you

Or let you know that “I’m yours”

I feel you in my heart

I feel you when you aren’t around

I don’t know if I will ever get to sing my love to you

I don’t know if you ever walk up to me and not just pass by

But I do know this

Ever day i write a poetry to you

and i don’t know why but

I love you…!!

It was a terrible rain…!!

Blocked all thoughts,

Locked all doors,

Painted every window in blackness

She is now a prisoner of her own moment of darkness

She needs to break free

She needs to see

Where is the wind of hope?

Where is the “no surrender” shop?

It’s time to talk a walk

Time for her to open and talk

She can’t find her friends ‘words’

Everything seems so absurd

How can she stop and rest before the dawn?

She tells the voices to not to worry and frown

It was a terrible rain

But not everything has gone in vain

She will smash the doors and windows

She will not let the voices die

She like colours

She loves trees & flowers

No matter how dark it is

She still loves lighting candles

She will stand up because she has to

Not yet, someday when there is nothing else to do

Not yet, not before she has some faith inside

It was a terrible rain

But not everything has gone in vain

She knows words will come back

She knows she can wash the paintings ruined in black

She will rise & walk

She will struggle & drag

But she won’t let the voices die

“No”, she whispers as she sigh

It was a terrible rain

But not everything has gone in vain