You & I

I see you sad

Walking with a frown

Your head tiled down

I know there is nothing i can say

Or do to make it go away

So i walk with you

As i think of what to do

I take you to the beach

Somewhere with no city

Somewhere out of reach

I try to sing for you

You don’t look up as you keep walking

I make everyone join me too

I make everyone surround you

Singing and dancing all around you

You smile a little and dance a step or two

With another smile you take a bow

Soon everyone walks away happy

But your smile goes back to the frown

I continue telling you stories

You kick every stone on your way

I look left right and far way

Leaving you alone i run

You don’t look at me, not a single glance, none

Even before you can look up again

I’m back with your favourite ice-cream cone

Dozens of balloons each one

Tied to me

You look up, you look at me

And then you smile again, as you see

I walk with you loaded with balloons

While you enjoy your cone

I think of something to do, soon

I still see you sad, but you try your best to hide

I walk towards the tide

The water is calm and silent today

With balloons still ready to fly me away

I get into the water and take a swim

You can’t see me but can see the colors yellow, red, blue, green

You sit down and stare at the balloons in the air

As i float and swim like a boat in a low gear

I look up to see if you smiled

To look if this one was big and wide

‘Now what?’ i ask myself as i come out

Wet and cold i tell myself “at least i tried”

I walk up to you with no more balloons

Many of them floating away in the sea

Many of them fallen on the footstep of you and me

You stand up, you wave to me

Then you hug me

I look into your eyes and i see the lines gone

The shine is back a little

You want me to sit down with you

You take my hand, as you look at the sea

With a whisper “i love you too”

You make me forget to breathe…!!!