Weird day

Had a weird day today, i guess i need an intervention on my late nights. Because i think the lack of sleep is making me crazy and insane too. This morning i had my first scary dream and it felt so real & freaky and then  something else happened.  I’m sure it was just a coincidence but dude it freaked me out…me!!

I was looking for my socks in the balcony, when my love my dog started barking at our neighbors. So i carried all my pair of socks, brown, blue and white and walked to the front door to close it. It was then that i dropped one of my blue sock, so i picked it up and walked up to my room. I placed them all in my Almira and came to dinning table to put on my shoes. while i was tying my laces and talking to my mom, i looked at the front door and dude there was lying a blue sock… whoa! didn’t i just pick it up? Of-course, i might have dropped the other one while picking it , but still it was little weird.

Today, i don’t know how i didn’t sleep while i was driving to work, i guess i should be grateful to the voices in my head for screaming at  me and abusing me. Most of the mornings, i look like a hungry Alice Cullen (not literally i wish i could,  cause i love the hair cut of the girl who plays Alice in the movie) with blood  red eyes.

Also, i finally saw the last episode of second season of PLL and believe me i was actually doing high-five in air with no one, because i had guessed already guessed the story and had told all my friends about it (past one week i have been too much obsessed with this final episode). So when i saw the episode coming out just the way i had predicted, it was like..

Me: yayaeee!

Myself: Am so proud of you. All those nights you spent reading Nancy Drew, you made the best use of the.

Me: see see, see i knew it. I told you. Yayee.

Myself: Tears in my eyes. Proud of you. Now please sleep on time. Please.

Me: Backoff… now i have to call my friend and have to re-watch it to guess remaining pieces of puzzles. But i promise, will sleep at 12.

Myself: Silence and Rolling eyes

Okay, so i did call my friend and we discussed every scene and then i re-watched the whole show and then we discussed again (believe me i don’t think she will pick up my call for two days now). But since am blogging now, i guess i cant say i slept at 12 or even close.

I hope the voices will keep me awake as i drive tomorrow  😛