There are days when life hits you hard with reality, a strong jolt like a CPR. You are left shaken with no idea what exactly you are experiencing. Today is world poem day or something like that, so I thought I will write down one but I guess I won’t. It was a day that started just like any other day, I woke super late and reached office super late. Nothing new, except today I was all busy and my mood was fine too. Even daily visitors like headache and sleepiness didn’t bother much, just came said ‘HI’ and moved on.

But it was when I was going back that something happened something that shook me. I was talking to my best friend on phone and then something weird happened. She screamed and then the only sound on phone was disturbance caused by wind. I tried to call back but couldn’t get through. I tried and tried. I wasn’t alone, one of my guy friend was there and we both (trying our best to not react) were like staring at each other. Normally you see scenes like this in movies; never does it happen in reality. In my life nothing extraordinary has ever happened except once, which changed my life and DNA. Anyhow, so I’m like did I heard a scream? I’m not saying it to my friend and he isn’t sayings anything, because we both don’t want to scare each other over something which could be nothing. We both are like “let’s call” with that look on our face which says …stupid network. Truth be told, I was shivering inside.

We called back once twice thrice and kept doing it. That’s when we both shared that maybe there was a scream and maybe it’s little serious.

Apparently, some stupid *#*@ snatched her phone and ran away…she is fine and everything is okay. Hopefully I will talk to her tomorrow. But the whole 45 minutes of guessing and calling made me realize one thing. I can spend my whole life without seeing or talking to people I love, but all I want is for my family & friends to be happy and healthy.