Being her…!!

She walks , walks all alone, with a smile on her face. Never does she talks about things inside her mind, she hates to be weak and fragile. Words are her friends, who live with her in every turn and corner. There live few people in her head, she talks to them when she needs help. Sometimes she wishes to be someone else, anyone else. Often she finds things easy to handle when she just gives up, which makes her wonder is the only way out is the dark deep cave with no light and air. She has a story to tell but she cant, so she writes it down here and there, in songs and poems.

She likes being obsessed with things, eating certain food, drinking certain coffee, listening to a song again and again, watching same movie over thousand times and letting people know she loves them. To her being She doesn’t mind being labelled because she has bigger problems to worry about. she has a journey and a destination, only she doesn’t know where is she moving. She misses people from life she walked out of, so many stations she passed on her way to where ever she is heading. All those faces, flashes of good times and days when it seemed “Maybe” is real, she misses it all.

Sometimes she likes to be on her own, but she knows that’s just pretenses she loves attention. To her being in love is different, to her every love story makes sense, to her spring means a reason to smile even if there is no reason and for her friendship means certain people who do not care whatever the hell is wrong with her. She wasn’t born to be big, just born to meet few people, few faces and few names. She will one day look back and smile, because she achieved more than she ever asked for. But she has to keep walking a little more, she has a turn to cross, she has a dawn to see.

Being her means being an invisible soldier, because her battle doesn’t exist and no one knows which war is she talking about. She is a good liar, a bloody good liar. She lies and puts on faces, to walk through the enemy lines as reality fires at her.

She believes in super heroes and calls herself her favorite super hero, because she knows only she can save the day and make it all okay.