Fridays (just like today) are perfect example of what I mean when I say I can’t go through my day without my headphones on. Somehow Friday are the longest days of week, they just won’t come to end. My personal experience says that clock hands do not movie every second on Fridays, they movie after every 30 minutes. You look at them at your watch it would say 2 pm, you look at your watch after 1 hour and it would say 215 pm. It’s bugging.

So today after lunch I was at my seat working, when one of the girls in the office pinged me asking why I am sad.

Me: why would she ask that? Am not sad.

Myself: have you looked at yourself today? You are like a zombie.

Me: why would you say that? Am not a zombie.

Myself: i wish you would sleep on time so people wouldn’t think of you as a sad pathetic loner

Me: why would you say that? Am not pathetic

Myself: Silence and rolling eyes

Anyhow, i politely replied to the girl that i was actually little sleepy because i slept real late last night and so. She then started making jokes about various ways that i can use to save myself from falling asleep. In fact there department ordered some snacks and i was invited too. See, I’m a nice person and has always been liked by people, even those who do not work in my team. But like I said being nice does not matter.

Okay, I still had a huge number of hours to survive before I could happily walk up to my car, unlock it, drive home and scream ‘am home’ to my dog and my mum. That’s when I looked at my reliable and my all time savior my headphones.

So I went from Lady Gaga to Britney spears, Avril to Beatles, Plain White Ts to soundtrack of Sucker Punch and Waiting for Forever. For me my Blackberry isn’t a business phone, it’s my lifeline.

There is a song from Plain White T’s “hey there Delilah” that makes me smile I don’t know but I feel connected to this song in some way. There is one particular habit of mine that I like to put songs on repeat for a long duration, for so long that after few days I can’t listen to that song for at least a month. But then if you like something listen to it as much as you want, who cares if tomorrow it will get old and would stop sounding that great.

Anyhow, so today while I was busy trying to stare at the clock on my computer with my Blackberry on shuffle I ended up listening to Abba and Kesha, one after another, which made me wonder about my song listing. Truth is am from the era of Boy bands when Backstreet, Nsync and Westlife were the rising stars, so I never really had any attraction towards songs from eras where Boney M, Abba, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis, Elton John and other such legends were making history. But as I grew up I ended up listening to everything that I found online, with invention of YouTube I became the traveler who likes to visit past. Not only did I realize why my dad likes Boney M and ABBA, I also have found many new singers.

Some of the singers and bands I met on YouTube include Amy Macdonald, Ellie Goulding, Plain White T’s, Paramore (for this I would give credit to Twilight), Landon Pigg, Christina Perri and so many more. Music has something that makes everything seem happy or sad or funny at the same time. Sometimes when I’m really low, I listen to mushy love songs even though love doesn’t like me.

I wish I had music in me as a talent..

Lesson of the day –

When life goes blue

Use headphone to get through…!!


P.S I even have Last Friday night by Katty Perry in my phone due to my respect for the four letters TGIF.