I Do…!!

You are a song stuck in my mind

I just cant stop smiling

As we stand side by side

When i first saw you

I always pictured this day

When i would be thinking nothing but you

I don’t know what fate is

I don’t know what love is

But i do know what this is

Right here right now

As we look at each other, i know

I will never let you cry

I will never let you go away

Every breath i take

Every day i live

Is for you and will be yours

You are in my dreams

You have become my reality

Like a song in mind that i play again and again

Like my heartbeat and blood  in my veins

Let me hold your hand

As at this altar we stand

I do not promise to be your better half

No i don’t, cause you are perfect yourself

But i do

I do love you

I promise to be the one

Who would give up dreams to build yours

Who would walk behind

So its easy for happiness to find

you first & always you before me

I promise to love everything you love

So you never have to decide

Deep blue sea

In your eyes i see

Everything you ask me for and want me from

Would be taken as an order

Would be considered as an honor

Like a love song

Your smiles ring inside me, on and on

Yes i would marry you

Yes i love you

Even when we haven’t met i knew you

I have written letters to you

Sung songs for you

Because  i knew you

i dreamt of you

Of a day when i would be standing here

With 3 most powerful words in the world

Life brought you to me

Let me take you ahead,let me be

The one you walk to

In happiness, in tears, when you are blue

Let me be

The one who walks with you

For the rest of your life

Let me be there for you

Yes “I do”…!!


A Day..!!

Have you ever lived a day, a day that has become embedded in your memory like a painting on wall? A day you can recall with utmost clarity while feeling just what you felt on that day? A day that soon turned out to be the turning point of what happened in next few months or years in your life? I have. I believe all of us come face to face to a day that changes the course of our journey, a day that becomes an integral part of our life. A day that always makes us smile, no matter how many times have we gone back at its details.

For some it’s the day they met or saw or first time spoke to love of their life or the day they got married, for some it’s the first day of first job or first salary, for others it could be the day they had their first kid or for some it could be their first house or car.

Life, no matter how sad or happy, gives each one of us days which take us back to that turn into our life we fell in love with. Moments we love to go back to and relive, because they become the stepping stone of everything that makes “Happy Ending” sound possible.

I have had some of these days which have changed the very course of my journey, which is why i remember almost every such life-shaping day as clear as a song stuck in my mind. I remember almost every important day of life with all the basic details still clear. School, college, work and every Goodbye…!!