Knock Knock…!!

Voices : where do the happy people live?
Me: who are you?
Voices: people in your head
Me: why are asking about happy people?
Voices: because we don’t like you
Me: why would you say that? You stay in my head. You are supposed to be nice. I’m your house owner
Voices: seriously? Well because no one likes sad people. No one. So we are shifting
Me: Seriously? Hey everyone likes sad people. Because they are sad and lonely..
Voices: and boring, creepy, attention needy and weirdly over friendly
Me: fine. Move out. Who needs voices anyway?
Voices: Silence and Rolling eyes
Me: What would you take to stay back? what do you want?
Voices: Intervention
Me: Not again. Okay. What?
Voices: You are not Meg Ryan and life is no Sleepless in Seattle..
Me: Fine, tonight i go to bed early.
Voices: You are not Avril Lavigne but you can’t be Shallow Hall either
Me: okay workout what else?
Voices: Dominique
Me: Bloody how long is this list?
Voices: First let’s just start with these three. Shall we?
Me: Bloody hell. Who let you stay in my head? You can’t boss me. I will not take bullying… i will
Voices: Seriously?
Me(with her head down): What has the world come down to?
Voices: Silence and Rolling eyes

A confession to make..!!

I have a confession to make
But some news are hard to break
I have a song in my head
It talks about you and me with hands in hand
There is a picture in my eyes
Its a portrait of your smiles
I like to do things you do
Even when I know there is no me & you
You say we are friends
I say we are whatever you want us to be
Sometimes I wonder what you would do
If I tell you that I love you
Sometimes I plan of walking up to you
With a flower and letter for you

I have a confession to make
But some news are hard to break
Its not what you would say to me
Its not what you would call me
Its seeing you tear down the castle I built
The dream I designed

I often find myself with a paper and pen
With letters “Dear you”
Then I crush them and play “throw at bin”
The voices tell me maybe you like me too
Maybe I should believe in “maybe you do”

I cant possibly walk up to you
Tell you, hurt you
And see you walk away on what we have now
How will I live with it, how?

Sometimes you get angry when I dont show up
Sometime you hit me for being not around
I wish I could tell you Im always there
Even when you are all alone and there is no one to be found

I have a confession to make
But some news are hard to break
I wish to sing a song to you
Rhyme words like love you, for you
Words like you are mine, sunshine
I want to use the cliché “I like like you”
If I love you is too big for you

Maybe someday I will tell you a secret
Someday I will give you all those letters in my basket
Till then I sit with you
As you hold my hand and talk of things you would like to do..!!

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