Knock Knock…!!

Voices : where do the happy people live?
Me: who are you?
Voices: people in your head
Me: why are asking about happy people?
Voices: because we don’t like you
Me: why would you say that? You stay in my head. You are supposed to be nice. I’m your house owner
Voices: seriously? Well because no one likes sad people. No one. So we are shifting
Me: Seriously? Hey everyone likes sad people. Because they are sad and lonely..
Voices: and boring, creepy, attention needy and weirdly over friendly
Me: fine. Move out. Who needs voices anyway?
Voices: Silence and Rolling eyes
Me: What would you take to stay back? what do you want?
Voices: Intervention
Me: Not again. Okay. What?
Voices: You are not Meg Ryan and life is no Sleepless in Seattle..
Me: Fine, tonight i go to bed early.
Voices: You are not Avril Lavigne but you can’t be Shallow Hall either
Me: okay workout what else?
Voices: Dominique
Me: Bloody how long is this list?
Voices: First let’s just start with these three. Shall we?
Me: Bloody hell. Who let you stay in my head? You can’t boss me. I will not take bullying… i will
Voices: Seriously?
Me(with her head down): What has the world come down to?
Voices: Silence and Rolling eyes

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