She floats a little more..!!

Like a passenger of a sinking ship she struggles, she has her life jacket on and is ready to jump on the rescue boat. Only there is no boat, no one else around and no sign of land. Where are the people she was having coffee with before life went down the water? Where is the bright sky she was painting this morning? Suddenly it’s all dark and cold, she is sinking and so is the ship. Wreckage is all she has to hold on to, but that’s not a good sign either. If only she knew how to swim, may be she does but she won’t let go of the wreck.

Tears rolls down her cheeks, as she tries to sing a song hoping to keep her awake, hoping to save her from slipping down. It’s too lonely out here, she is trying hard so hard to find anyone she could hold on to. She knows the inevitable but she won’t let go of the wreck and won’t swim. She knows the dawn is hours away, the help is nowhere to be found and that no one even knows that she is sinking. Every song she ever liked, faces she love, dreams she had, memories happy and sad, and everything that summed up to make her life, is now trying to stay afloat with her.

She holds on tightly to the pieces of her sinking ship, humming happy songs, thinking of downtown lights, love and the dreams, as she floats a little more. She floats a little more..!!