Love to me…!!

Love to me means more than being used to a person, it has always been more than that. I never had any major relationship, never had any break up and never made promises to anyone. But, I still have an outlook for the word Love, my perception of the 4 letter word everyone lives for.

Reason why many people disliked Twilight was because some couldn’t digest a love triangle between vampire, human and werewolf, while others found Kristine Stewart too unreal. Also, many hated twilight because they couldn’t figure why girls went into an Edward versus Jacob mode. I remember my first thought after I read the book; I wanted to read more and more. I wanted to get lost in a world where Edward Cullen lived; no it’s not the fantasy of being in an unreal love story. Its the definition of love that Edward Cullen’s character presented.

I have always believed in a love where i would do everything and anything for the person i’m in love with. Edward Cullen played a person (okay vampire) who wanted to be around Bella, all the time. Even when they weren’t together, he was around. He knew she had a soft corner for this other guy (okay Werewolf), but never for once spoke a word. He was ready to walk away with a smile if that what made her happy. To love someone so much that all you want is to be around that person, to see a smile on that face and to be happy with just being in that person’s life. That’s the kind of love I believe in. That’s how I define love.

When I saw Waiting for Forever, Willi’s character reminded me of what I mean when I say Love. To be in love without a condition, to live by just being around the person you love and to give in.

Like I said, I have an imaginary love story and it’s all about being in something deeper than love, being there all the time. Unfortunately, not every love story comes true.