I’m a Super Hero…!!

There is reason why i am so into Super Heroes, why i call myself one and why i think Batman qualifies as a Super Hero despite not having any super power.

What makes me a Super Hero?

I have a secret, Super Heroes have secrets.

At the end of the day, Super Heroes are lonely people.

In most of the cases, Super Heroes do not get love.

Super Heroes are not allowed to fail.

Nobody wants to sit & listen to a Super Hero’s issues.

Depressed Super Hero? What? Sorry wrong words in one sentence.

Some Super Heroes are in writing and Journalism.

Truth is sometimes i feel like I’m Super man or Spider-man, hiding a secret, living a fake life and working day night without a vacation. Who am i? No I’m not your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, definitely not Superman, don’t have enough money to be Batman, my height does not allow me to qualify for Wolverine, Hulk who?, not even Silver Surfer, Iron man? Isn’t he a rich spoil millionaire? Nope, like i said I’m not rich enough, i don’t live in America so nope I’m not Captain America,  don’t look sexy enough to be Wonder Woman or Marvel Girl Jean and seriously, don’t even think of calling me Storm.

I’m just someone who lives two lives and that’s why i deserve to be a Marvel Comic character.

P.S Not every Super Hero gets glory; some just get the title of a Mutant…!!