Like a Boomerang it all comes back…!!

Problem with memories is that they are like a Boomerang, the harder you try to throw them out of your system the quicker they come back.  Some days of my life are so clear and fresh that i can even recall every tiny detail from clothes to furniture.  If only i could not remember things so clearly, if only i was one of those people who find it hard to remember birthday dates, anniversaries and even the names of people.

But I’m not; I’m someone who has huge number of diaries to remind me of last 12 years of my life. 12 years i wish to relive again, each day.. Even the bad ones.

Well i know why exactly my mind is making me take a walk on memory lane and why like a boomerang things are coming back. Grey’s Anatomy is the culprit. See this is the thing, while Fiction makes me smile it also pushes me to the corners i have locked in my mind.

Another Kryptonite i have in my pocket..!!