What’s my diagnosis?

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask the wind

I ask the sun & moon

What’s wrong with me?

Tell me why the tears come

Tell me why I go numb

One moment I am blue

Thinking of you

Very next I smile

Thinking of our journey & the happy miles

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask the stars

Why do I lie awake at night?

Why voices in my head fight

Why can’t I simply lie dead till morning?

Why can’t I sleep without dreaming?

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask the people on the road

I ask the trees and sign boards

Why do I drive with questions & answers?

Why do I count seconds and hours?

What happened to the standard talking?

When I used to say out loud ‘Good Morning’

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask the face in my mirror

I ask the shadow I see on the screen

Why do I walk & talk like somebody else

Why the voices are so mean

Why do I pretend & grin?

When I just want the silence to win

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask myself

I ask books on my shelf

Why can’t I pick you up?

Why have I given up?

Myself to the music

It feels ages

Since I touched

The bundle off unopened pages

What’s my diagnosis?

I ask you

As I take a walk in memories

A time, when I couldn’t spell worries

Why do I feel empty?

Why do I feel nothing?

Where have you gone?

When did we move on?

Started walking on different roads

Every day to everyone, to everything I ask this

Tell me what’s wrong

What’s my diagnosis?