Just some random rambling…!!!!

I aint sad, but i aint okay

Today i wasn’t in a good mood, no i wasn’t sad…it’s hard to explain, but i don’t think i was sad or unhappy. Have you ever had a day where you are upset, angry but not sad? Yes that’s what i was; i was irritated, angry and pissed. But, i wasn’t angry on any particular person or particular thing, i was just angry.  I was so uninterested at what i was doing, i wanted to take a walk, get some fresh air and feel anything else but anger. Plus point of being sad is that you cry and it goes away, for some time, but anger doesn’t go.

So what do you do? You avoid people, everyone. You avoid talking, to everyone. I was once a girl who took pride in never having a temper, because i was too busy to prove myself as the “nice girl”. Today am an angry young women, with a temper that surprises me more than it affects others.

Of course you know me, I’m Spiderman

Sometimes i think people don’t know me but they just think they do. How well do you know me?

This is one question i would like to get printed on a t-shirt and wear it to wherever i go, even in my dreams… if possible. Sometimes i wonder why people think they know me, why everyone knows what’s my problem and why I’m the only one who doesn’t understand it?

A large number of people in my life claim to know me know everything wrong with me. 80% think it’s because i don’t understand the need of acting like a grown up and be one, rest have their own theories. Funny, some even think i had a secret boyfriend and the break up screwed me. That one is nice though, makes me a mysterious women, but how true is it? Truth is only 1-2% of people in my life have some idea.

Note to the Author

Who does cycling in jammies? Seriously? So i started with cycling today, because I needed to. Just needed it. But because i wasn’t prepared and it was just an impulsive decision, I couldn’t find the right cycling gear. So i went in my jammies. Wasn’t bad, only i was afraid that my PJs might get stuck in the cycle chain and i might end being a part of horrible television news.

Breaking news: Dumb blogger fell on face with her pajamas getting stuck in her cycle

Whoa! That doesn’t sound good.