There is something about Rain…!!!!

So I woke up with same numb feeling, drove to work with eyes half closed and started working with my headphones on and my mind turned off… well I have to usually switch off the thinking section of my brain for few hours every day or the voices will never let me work. Anyhow, while everything is going like every day, nothing new, nothing exciting and nothing to make me not wonder about the reason I’m still working at my work place…something wonderful happens…It starts getting rainy outside.

Yep, I’m all romantic but that’s not the reason why I love rains. There is something about rain that brings a smile on my lips, colour on my face and sudden rush of happiness in my veins. I can’t help it, but rain is a total miracle medicine for me. I walked up to the window, the cloudy sky, wet wind, smell of rain and lush green leaves on trees. A therapy indeed..!!

I remember playing in rain when I was a kid and even when I grew up. A drive in rain in my scooter is one of my favorite things in the world. I have some really amazing memories of rain… that’s the best part, rain doesn’t give you bad memories. So every time you think of rain, there is a happy moment attached to it.

I love the chilly wind, the smell of droplets on hot mud and I don’t know if anyone ever noticed this, but rain makes trees look more green…so green that they becoming soothing to eyes. When its raining, I can look at trees for as long as possible.  I love to drive in rain, take a walk, play an outdoor game or if nothing just stare at it fall down, as every drop creates a ripple in the pond of rain water collected on the streets.

The green leaves and grey sky talks to me like no one does, they ask me to smile and even before I know I’m smiling.