Because I’m a Saturday girl…!!!!

There is no better example to the fact that ‘life changes’. I mean if I look back at my life 1 year from now, I was this hardworking I-love-my-job person who was in love with Mondays and the thought of weekends was never appealing enough. I was a complete Monday girl, which made me creepy in a way but, I loved it.

Today as I was driving back from the city, I realized how much has things changed.

So, I woke up to another mood lifting, beautiful and god-sent weather. It was drizzling and cloudy, like daring me to come out of my cave (my room). How could I say no rain? Had my super late breakfast, had my super creamy coffee and I took off to the city. Nothing is better than a long drive in rain with my favorite music people accompanying me.

How I wish I could do a picture blog of my long drive? Anyhow, I went to my best friend’s house and then on my way back I said hello to my library. It was just a typical lazy Saturday with great, awesome, weather. But, as I came out of library and walked to my car…I had a realization. I don’t love weekends as much as I love Saturday. I said it out loud “I love Saturday”…even if I spend it in my cave doing nothing, I just adore Saturday. More than Friday and Sunday. I do, I do, I love you Saturday.

Well today I learned two  lessons, one that you never know what kind of person you become from a year from now and second always, always…did I say always?… have a playlist ready before you go on a long drive.

I mean just when you need that one song, you don’t find it in the game of pressing NEXT again and again on your phone.

Also, always check your pocket and wallet for your friendly, beloved, life-saving card. Always. Always…Voices were laughing on me today when I couldn’t buy a book because I was lame enough to not carry money, cash or card… nothing.

Still, it was my first rain long-drive in my car…I mean I have had these rainy drives before too but in my scooter with no music. I was so happy today (i know weird) that even when i got stuck in wrong lane and heavy jam, on my way back… i was singing ‘Feck, you got stuck’…i was literally singing these three words, as i steered myself from a crazy traffic jam.

How to end this Saturday?

With this song, followed by Greys Anatomy and a movie (yet to decide horror or a romantic comedy)…what? Oh…Of course am smiling…Didn’t you hear?

I’m a Saturday Girl…. 🙂


Clouds on the sky…!!!

So blue and white

Like faces smiling at every sight

Clouds on the sky

Where have you come from?

Will you stay or

will you fly away?

Are you alone?

Or is the rain following you?

I won’t mind some droplets, just few would do

The sand needs to get wet

The wind needs to get settled

I can smell the air

Mysterious like a beautiful affair

Music can be heard too

Thunderstorm a mile away or two

Turning black and dark

Like a shape of an arc

Clouds on sky

Tell me where have you come from?

Were you welcomed there?

Like i am doing here?

Did the birds sing for you?

And the squirrels jumped high to reach you?

I can’t sing or dance

But i see you

And smile for you

Please stay a little, let it rain

Let the sun play hide and seek today

Let the trees go green and gay

Will it rain? O will it rain?

I can already feel myself singing

Your farewell song,  ‘please come back again’

Clouds on Sky…!!!


Snowy likes the weather