Helium Balloon…!!!

Sometimes my life goes into a phase I like to call “Helium Balloon”, a phase where everything is nice, really nice. This phase has its own plus and negative side. When I’m in a “Helium Balloon” phase, I am happy because everything leads to something nice, bloody good and I’m just smiling all the time. There is a strange kind of excitement inside and it keeps on rising and rising.

You must know I do not belong to the class of happy people, but it happens once a while when I end up having a day or a week (has even been months & years) where life starts showing symptoms of “Helium Balloon”. I’m happy, positive, hopeful, smiley, cheerful and colorful, all this while being aware of the reality. Problem with this phase where hope and happiness makes me rise and rise (like being on a cloud 9)…is that I also know that soon the balloon will come down. So I make sure I never forget that I have a reality land to go back to. This is where the negative side comes.

“Helium Balloon” phase makes you fly  out of your land of miseries but since you are aware (if you are, like I’m) then, you never tend to enjoy the view from up there because you are too busy giving quick glances to the emptiness, you are rising out of. Only when the phase starts coming to an end, you realize that you should have smiled a little more, enjoyed a little more and you wasted a minute or two of the happiness, by thinking of life you’ll go down to.

But, as a regular traveler to the “Helium Balloon” phase I think I’m learning ways to smile a little more and not spend too much time frowning upon the time when it is all over. Also, that does not mean that one should not look down or forget the reality completely, because if you do not keep a check on reality…it will hurt. Coming out of a rising and happy phase of life is always painful.

It’s like a roller coaster, only you can’t have another ride when it’s over…not soon enough and not on your own. Its a destiny controlled ride. So, just enjoy and remember the wind will stop and the ride will slow down.

This weekend was my trip to “Helium Balloon” phase and now that the weekend is over, I can feel the balloon coming down. I was too busy blogging, had awesome weather accompanying my mood, people loved my blog and I (Thank you again Pia… I will not stop thanking you for a long time now) got nominated for Sunshine Award. Pretty cool, right? Yes. Even the voices were happy. Also I broke my own small record of “views on your busiest day” with a huge, surprisingly huge, margin…and the grin went so big.

I mean despite having a wedding (the word gives me anxiety attacks and throws me into a pool of darkness) weekend, I was still a cheerful and dancing-on-my-bed girl.

Alas! The weekend is over and probably the excitement will get crush with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So what if the wind is slowing down and its getting over, like a regular rider of “Helium Balloon” I will try to enjoy even it till it lands down.

Being on ground means, you will always get bounced up soon…So smile even if you are coming down, because the only way from here is up!!

4 thoughts on “Helium Balloon…!!!

  1. I can so relate to what you’re writing here! Whenever I’m happy, I’m always kind of waiting a wee bit for Nemesis to come and slap me in the face. It’s along the same lines, right? Don’t be too happy, ‘cos you know it’s not gonna last. I hate feeling like that instead of just enjoying the good times.
    *sending lots of cyper-balloons your way*

  2. I’m so happy you had a magical weekend! Though it’s never fun getting grounded after riding the helium wave, sometimes it’s necessary…. and you’re right, you can only go back up! Have a great week!

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