I Hide…!!!!

I hide from everyone

People i know

And people i don’t know

I hide from the ghost i have become

The darkness turned on

I hide from you

The truth too

Where do i go now?

Wish i could just tell you all

But i don’t know how

I hide from the girl I’m now

I hide from the girl i was once

Behind the walls & fences

The face of everyday

One day i will tell, one day

But today i hide

I sit in the corner, deep inside

My heart with no one around

I wish to be found

I wish to end the game

But i hear no one looking, calling my name

So i hide

From the tide

I hide

Because you are not by my side…!!



8 thoughts on “I Hide…!!!!

  1. Hey Miss! How are ya?

    Over the last oh… hour or so, I’ve been perusing your site a bit, and have really enjoyed your work very much.
    On my blog I seek some level of community with my readers, thus I was happy when you visited again today… or was that yesterday. Geez.

    Anyway… , I tend to read a lot of blogs. So much so that I tend to prioritize in order to give due attention to all the greats out there. Yours was the one that I’ve been planning all day on camping out on for a while.

    So…uh, I say that to say, I’m glad I did. 🙂

    Your writing style is refreshing and interesting, while not the least bit revealing. I mean it’s really not, yes? And that’s fine. Leave them wanting more. All of the greats knew that principle.

    If you get a chance, I have a poem that I wrote, and I’d like you to read it. It’s called “The Faceless Woman”. Also I have a photo blog that you may like. There’s a link to it on my gravatar page.

    • hi there… wow..so much of nice words.. you just made me smile big…
      thankyou so much for going through my blog.. am happy you liked it…
      o yes i cant reveal things… but i do try to put them forward as much as possible.. hehe..wow you got that element ..

      i would love to check out the photo blog and the poem…infact will do it in about 5minutes… 🙂
      Thankyou again 🙂

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