Like a falling star…!!

Like a falling star

I come down

They see the light & shine

None remembers the crash

That follows

Like a broken star

I spill on to the dust

Pieces scattered near & far

You are a star they say

You can’t cry, they say

I don’t glide, I fall

Pain hurts, no matter how small

Like a disown star

I move away from sky

But none asks me why

Because at the end I’m still a star

You don’t belong here

The stones feel it’s not fair

Like a dying star

I skid down

But still can’t see anyone

To call my own

What reason do you have?

To call yourself like us

The crushed leaves ask

Leaving me restless

Like a bright star in flames

I roll down

Every welcome I get is a frown

Everything sad & broken

Despises me for no reason

They say, you are a star

You can’t feel the cracks and scar

Like a falling star I come crashing down

Not belonging to the glittering sky

& the land so brown…!!