Clumsy, Embarrassing yet Fun…

Last night i slept at 330, don’t ask me what i was doing. Have you ever had a moment where you aren’t sad or blue but angry, so angry, at everything and everyone? Because you know you can’t control life and its rules. Anyhow, last thing i did before i slept was Grey’s Anatomy. I think this show is coming to an end, not sure though. If it is…i will be little sad. There is a reason why i love Grey’s and 2 more shows…

So, today i felt like or rather I was Kate from French kiss movie.  You know how Meg Ryan’s character Kate keeps on breaking things and falling all over the places, well i was like that today. Well, it’s Saturday and being my favorite day it had to be fun, only it was also super clumsy and highly embarrassing. At one point the voices were totally laughing at me.

It was funny though, my friend and i had a good laugh. I was looking forward to this particular weekend, because i needed a day off for my haircut. My 10 to 8 job routine kills the daylight i need to drive to the city for my haircut, so today i had it all planned.  Woke up super late (as usual), had super late breakfast (i won’t even call it a breakfast, just munching) and went to pick my friend from her place. So the plan was to handover some CDs to my best friend’s house, get some coffee and then haircut. Simple and easy. What could go wrong? Well nothing went wrong it just went in a crazy way.

I reached at my friend’s place an hour late, which is okay I’m always late…so she didn’t kill me. We are arguing on which song to play, when suddenly i realize “Feck i forgot to pick the CDs”.  I couldn’t believe i forgot the only thing i was supposed to carry. Great! So we took a U-turn and went back my place.

Then when we were done collecting the CDs and delivering them to my friend’s house, we both decided to drive by our college. The college was closed (only opened for hostel girls), we tried to lie and convince the guard to let us in, but he refused to let us go beyond the reception gate. Despite the little embarrassing pleading with the guard i was happy were went inside. I miss my college and the visit took me back to days when i was weird, geeky but happy.

Everything was fine again, until i dropped what we ordered. Yeh! That’s where the big embarrassment thing came. We ordered our burgers, two cold coffees and French fries. We are talking and i have the food tray and i turn around and SPLASH the coffee comes crashing down on the floor, so hard that it spilled on some of the people’s shoes and probably on a guy’s trousers too. EMBARRASSING .Totally. Believe me at that point every person standing and sitting in that McDonald had his/her eye on me and i was like “Oops”.

This was followed by me losing my car keys, my friend losing her rings…luckily we both found our stuff.

So, the day is almost over, we are heading back and I’m like “you know what the day isn’t over yet” and we started laughing. I dropped her home and rushed to my mom to tell her about my hilarious, embarrassing and clumsy day.

-We drove back home for the CDs i forgot to pick

-We tried to make up stories to sneak into our college and were denied entry (safe way of saying were asked to leave by a rude guy)

-We (okay, I) spilled coffee on some nice people, ruining their shoes.

-I almost lost my keys

-My friend almost lost her rings

My mum wasn’t surprised because I’m sort of clumsy and that’s when i did it again. I broke a glass right there in front of her, minutes after i told her about the day. Big OOPS…Big one. I was like WoW…seriously? What’s the deal with you today?

Even as i sit in my room scripting about the day, I’m wondering is it over or do i still have things to drop or lose or break. Crazy Saturday, but good thing i got the haircut and a new keychain.  😉 ;P

Despite having a fun day, I’m sort of feeling low right now. Actually am feeling lonely, i wonder if it’s the college or the old CDs i was watching yesterday or the dream i woke up to. You know what i want to do? Create a new blog and be honest about things…everything.