Super Heroes don’t party…!!

Right now, i don’t feel well. No it’s not the mood, the mood never changes, it’s the health which is little off the ridge. Like i said i need sleep and lots of it. Glad, weekend is almost here.

Today my boss threw a small party at his house for one of an intern from Germany, Eduard. It was his last day in office, so we did small party in office and then another one in evening at my boss’s house. I was told in the morning that i was invited too and that my boss will talk to me later in the day to invite me. Whole day i was like “whoa! How do i get out of this one?” I didn’t. I had to go for the party. I don’t like going to parties, in fact i don’t like to go anywhere where i am surrounded by more than 5 people at a time.

So i went to Eduard’s goodbye party. Everyone was drinking and when my boss asked me what would i like to have and i was like “anything non-alcoholic sir”. Fact – i drink but only when I’m with people I’m super super comfortable with, because i can get drunk in 5 sips. Yes! That’s a fact. So i need my best friends around when I’m drinking. Well, my boss gets me a glass of coke with so much of ice that right now my throat hurts.

My head hurts, my throat hurts and my heart hurts… last one was cheesy i know.

Anyhow, i have this ability to act cool when I’m not, so i was good in party. I was handling the crowd well and i even managed to make myself smile and laugh a number of times, when required.  I think the voices were proud of me today.

I’m going to miss funny and cute Eduard.

Friday is here and I’m like a phone on LOW BATTERY beep mode. I need Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and Castle. I don’t want to go tomorrow, i just want to stay in my room for next three days and do nothing. Except one thing, i want to watch Avengers. I’m going to watch it this weekend. How can i miss a Super Hero movie? I think Super Heroes are sad & lonely people who never talk about their issues.  And also, they never go for parties.

“Of course, Super Heroes don’t feel the pain…here hit me…”