I think Heather Morris and Naya Rivera has nailed the Whitney Houston tribute episode. I think I’m going to be very very sad the day Glee gets over. It would hurt me personally. See, I would have never heard any Whitney song but thanks to Glee I can’t stop playing them again and again. Right now I’m like a girl boarding her picnic bus…ready for a 2 day picnic. O dear weekend, marry me.

Have you ever thought about the kind of kid you were? How you were years back? I often go back to my childhood and it makes me realize that I always knew this day was going to come; only I wasn’t sure what it was. I was always a nice kid, I wasn’t very naughty and my only friends were my baby brother and my cousins. But even then I was a lonely kid, probably because we never stayed at one place for long.  I have heard many people talking about things they would like to say to their younger version, if they could go back in past.

Well, weird but even if I went back to the  8 years old or 10 years old me or 15 years old me…I would not say a thing. Nothing. No signs. No warning and no clues. You know why? Because, one I don’t want to freak out the young girl in me. I was a little loner even back then with doubts about future, but back then I  didn’t knew pain like I know now. Also, irrespective of being slapped by reality day and night, I think I have had some of the most amazing days, most hilarious moments, and most beautiful memories and have met best people on my way to today.

So, I won’t tell the young me that life is going to suck and that you are going to be chained with heaviness and thrown in a sea. Because that would mean that the poor kid would freak out and would try to run here and there, eventually changing the course of life completely. Truth is even if I knew back then I could have done nothing to change things, but yes knowing would have made me not experience a beautiful journey I have been through.  Moreover, how would I explain the little girl about the voices?

Young Me: Hi

Dark Me: hey, hi little me. Guess what I’m from future

Young Me: wow! Please tell me how’s life there? Am I still tortured by Maths? Do we have to deal with homework when we work like our parents?

Dark Me: hmm…aa…here is the thing. You will grow up to be a sad girl who will have friends in her head. You will hate God then you will start liking God and then you will be like a God fearing person who would use a bad F word a lot. You will have good friends but they will all have to say bye bye to you. Everything you think about tomorrow is wrong and believe me movies are a big lie. It doesn’t work that way. And of course, you will end up being a liar because there will be things you won’t be able to talk about. And Blah BOO Blah BOO Blah BOO

Young Me: WAHH 😦  MOMMY

Dark Me: hey don’t cry…good news, you will still believe in Santa, you wont have to ask your parents for money to buy a chocolate, you will still love balloons, there will be no Maths and you will have a cute little doggy who would become the biggest love of your life. See it’s not that bad either


Not knowing made my life a picnic where I met new people, we had good time together. Christmas is never fun if you tell the young girl sitting on the porch that Santa doesn’t exist. I would never do that to the little girl who once lived in me, who thought life was going to be easy when you get through school, who believed homework was the only monster in her life and who once liked making new friends. I was that kid.

It wasn’t a good day but I think I’m drunk on ice-cream and maybe that’s why I am smiling thinking…what a picnic life has been or has it?