I dont wait for you..!!

Sometimes i wonder about how much i love you, about things i would do for you and give up for. Remember the day we met? With a smile you walked into my life, like a sunshine you erased the darkness and changed me. It was like i was waiting for you all my life. It’s like i always knew you were coming.

Together we built memories i now live with. Every day we did something new, we had our place; we had our own roads and our own personal tree. I never told you this before but i always used to look at you when you weren’t noticing. I wanted to not take my eyes of you whenever we were together. Did we ever fight? I can’t remember, maybe because i only remember days when giggled, when we held hands and when sang “i love you”. It’s hard for me to not look back and smile.

Since the day i fell in love with you i had been asking one thing. Where were you all my life? You and i weren’t the perfect twos but you and i were fairy tale, a roller-coaster and happy movie. I miss you but i miss us more. I have never known love like i did with you, i have never felt like i felt with you and i haven’t smiled again like i used to with you around.

Do you remember the short sweet notes we used to write to each other? The first thing i wanted to see when we used to meet was the smile on your face and shine in your eyes. Every time i saw you in tears, it broke my heart.

I still stand where we met and fell in love, it’s not that bad. I know you will not come back but i can’t help but sit on that see-saw and smile at years we had. Sometimes when I’m too lonely, when the world hurts i walk back down to the road we walked on, to the tree we scribbled on and to the dream we lived together.

Like a star you fell in my life, brightened my life and taught me to smile. I can’t thank you enough for coming in to my life, for every day since we met and for letting me be a part of you.  I know I will not see you again but I have you somewhere inside.

Now that you have gone, I take a walk alone to the roads we lived on…but i don’t wait for you. I go back a lot, but i don’t wait for you.