Avengers Suit Up…Hulk SMAASSHH!!!

I never thought i would like a Scarlet Johansson movie so much, also this is by far the most awesome Super Hero movie i have seen.

My fixation for Super Heroes is due to my personal issues, i think my need to compare myself to super heroes is some kind of weird defence mechanism. Anyhow, it was a nice day today. Just what i needed, before i jump back into the everyday work routine.

Last night i booked 2 tickets for Avengers 3D , 1pm. It was 1145 when my friend called me to wake me up and remind me that i have to pick her up. I get up, walk around with my eyes half closed for next 15 minutes. Get inside the bathroom at 12. I reached her place at 1245. Good thing we made it to the theater right at time and didn’t miss the start like always.

Next few hours were spent laughing and enjoying every second of it. Seeing Robin Scherbatsky (Colbie Smulders) in the movie was a surprise. I love Robin, i think she and Barney are the only two people still keeping the wrecked ship of How I Met Your Mother floating.  Also, i think Scarlet was really good and for a change i was like Go Scar. While Captain America (Chris Evans) was just handsome as ever, i think i couldn’t take my eyes off Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and Hulk (Mark Raffalo). The rich genius billionaire and angry green scientist stole the show, at least for me.

For people who think Super Hero movie is just too unreal for them, i would still suggest this one. Because A the graphics are wow and B the dialogues are hilarious. I wanted the movie to continue forever, i didn’t want it to end…at the end i was like “O Man!”

Then we went to one of my favorite coffee shop in a place i haven’t been for long time now, a place i have fond memories of…specially the last visit. Spending too much for a cup of coffee is not my style but today i just wanted to go somewhere old, somewhere i haven’t been to for long, somewhere that would take me to old days.

A funny thing happened during the movie, the reality of life kept on nagging me all throughout the movie. I was enjoying but i was also aware of something. I wish i could tell my friend what was troubling me. I wish i could tell someone, anyone.

Never mind, i think the day was spent well and i think I’m ready for next 5 days of office blues.