Its Raining Surprises …!!

It’s just crazy how things make way for you to find the smile you lost in a cluster of doubts and apprehensions. At first, my best friend, & my mentor, comes to town and surprises me. Believe me i miss her so much and seeing her after so many days was too overwhelming. She is one person who is always happy to me see me, despite my being super crazy with her. I’m like a child when she is around, hyper, happy and protected.

As you know I’m going through a weird self-criticism phase, i was dying for the day to end so i can go home and fall down on my bed and do nothing.  While i was bidding good night to my friends i checked my phone for WordPress updates and saw that one of the blogger that i follow (wait for the big introduction) is celebrating her 100th post. I read just 4-5 lines and thought i will check out the rest when i reach home.

So, i come home, everyone is watching cricket on TV and i lay down in front of the television hoping to breathe a little before i go change into my comfy t-shirt and shorts. I’m low, tired and sleep deprived, so i go back to my phone and start reading the 100th post from my favorite blogger (wait a little more). And then i realize that she has done the most amazing thing ever; she did a Reggie Post on me on her big 100th Post day. Oh My God…i was like whoa! Is that me….?

I follow some amazing people on WordPress and Sweet Mother Lover (i call her Sweet Mom) is one of those amazing people i love to visit everyday. Before i tell you what a Reggie post is, let me introduce you to Sweet Mom. She is funny, super funny (she is an awesome writer, she is a comedian and you have to read her posts to know what i mean when i say FUNNY), she is caring (she treats every follower and every new visitor with such warmth) and she has also been FRESHLY PRESSED… how cool is that? I came across her blog through her FP Post and since then i have been a part of her journey.

Sweet Mom started a fun way of making her regular followers feel special, she created a Reggie Post section, where she introduces her regulars one by one, she showers them with sweet & kind words and asks her readers to check her Reggie of the day’s blog.  Awesome Right? Who does that? Sweet Mom does. 🙂

And today the Mother celebrates her 100th Post, where she has also chosen to do a Reggie post on me. Being a part of Reggie post is amazing but to be a Reggie on her 100th post, i guess I’m honored.

I guess surprises are a part of God’s mysterious ways.

P.S :  i have also been nominated by sweet Whitney Rains for the Versatile Blogger Award…it is raining surprises. I thank you Whitney and will acknowledge your love in my next post.


8 thoughts on “Its Raining Surprises …!!

  1. Sweet Mom has a way of making your day better, doesn’t she? Even if it is just in the time it takes you to read her blog, it is always welcome in my life!!!
    So, congratulations on being Reggied over at SM!!!!

  2. Hi Littlemiss 🙂 I found SM through that Freshly Pressed as well. Destiny at work I think because I don’t normally read many. Now she’s a part of my day like that first cup of coffee.


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