Big Day…. so THANK YOU!!!!! And apologies

Today I mark my 100th post day…celebration cannot begin without bowing in front of people who have been my friends in the world of WordPress. You guys read, like, comment and often end up telling me to hang on. You guys don’t leave…you guys are bloody super awesome.

First I want to THANK my best friend and mentor (Bhavya) for teaching me so much. In fact she was the one who inspired me to blog. Also, Sahil dude thank you. If it wasn’t you I would have never had created a blog, you taught me how to create and use a blog. I was like “ooooh! How does this works?” 😛

I have a small issue…actually I have a big issue too, but right now I want to tell you about a silly thing that happens to me. I have this ability to relate a current scene or event to scenes and events from past. It goes like this…

I go to a place for coffee, my mind starts processing thoughts like “oh I remember last time I had coffee here” “oh I was with my old friend” “oh I miss her so much…we were like a team” “oh I still remember that day” and it goes on and on. So I basically lose the focus on what’s currently there right in front of me.

Or I would be listening to songs on shuffle and end up hearing some really old song and I would go “man! It’s been so long” “last time I heard it when I was at that place” “yeh! I remember my friend introduced me to this one” “I wonder how she is now” “we had fun.oh oh oh  …I remember we also loved another song” and again i would lose the focus.

So why am I confessing another creepy thing about my twisted mind? Because as I opened my laptop and logged on to my blog, checked my WordPress people, replied here and there, i decided to write a post saying Thank you and to celebrate the BIG 100…i did it again.

I was like-

“100 I can believe it”

“I still remember when I was dancing because I touched a double digit”

“Hey do you remember how awesome it was when I got the first LIKE?””

“What were my first few posts about?”

“Remember the Commonwealth game post?”

“Of course I do, it was a fun day. I went for a movie with my favourite people”

“It’s been so long since I have had an outing with them”

“It was a good movie”

“I was with this cute guy my friends introduced me to”

“I miss my friends”

“Hey I also have a post on my hospital adventure”

“Yeah! How lame is that?”

“It was a stupid adventure anyways”

“Oh I miss those old days before and after the hospital thingy”

“How did I even manage to keep a blog with those diaries?”

“Oh shit diaries”

“How can I give up on them?”

“Remember school? The diaries were my best friends”

“I miss my school best friend”

“12th grade was so fun”

“I still remember how much I hated that place at the beginning”

“Remember 9th grade when you shifted to the new school?”

“Of course 9th grade. That was the year I started writing diaries”

“I still remember my English teacher who told us to write journals”

“She was awesome to me”

“I wish I could go to that school trip with her”

“It was a nice school”

“I still remember the 6th grade when I shifted to that school”

…then i realized i had to write a Thank You post

The voices were like WHOA! Wait… what about the 100th post?

Me: oh! Yeh! But …maybe I can talk about 9th grade. I mean that’s when I started writing

Voices: a small sweet non complicated Thank you would do

Me: yeh! But maybe

Voices: Silence and rolling eyes.

So, I guess I can’t stop myself from drifting from things in front of me because am too much tied up with history.

Truth is I wasn’t serious about blogging when I first made “Littlemissobsessivesanatomy”, but past 1 year has changed me a lot and I came back to this blog hoping to write something, anything. Just write. Then I met others, I met YOU.

Writing is a major part of me, even if it’s what I do when I come back home, tired, blue and angry…sometimes happy.  I have a theory and I totally think it’s true, it says “no one wants to be friends with a sad person”. I totally think it’s true and I’m not by any means a happy person at my current phase of life, yet I have friends. How awesome is that? VERY!! 🙂

P.S i wanted apologies to everyone who came to my blog looking for a Super Hero. yeah! sorry Google does that. Keywords you know… 🙂